Alfred's Royal Composition

 Madame Recamier by Francois Pascal Simon Gerard

Image: Portrait of Madame Récamier, by François Pascal Simon Gérard



TO    obviate    the    unpleasant    sensation    experienced    by those    Ladies    who    may    have    SUPERFLUOUS     HAIRS growing  on  the  Face  or Arms, and to render their persons more lovely   and   attractive,   was   the  chief  motive  that  induced  the Proprietor   of    ALFRED's    ROYAL    COMPOSITION    to   sub- mit  that  important  Discovery  to  the  test  and  Patronage  of the Female World. How far he  has  succeeded  in  the  attainment  of his wishes  is  best  shewn  by  the  numerous  applications  which continue to be made  from  the  most  distinguished  in  the  higher circles for  rank,  beauty,  and  fashion.  This  Composition  (which was  first  prepared  for  the  late  Queen  of  France)  not  only  re- moves  and  eradicates  all  Superfluous  Hairs from the Face and Arms, but renders the Skin more delicate  and  fair,  giving  to  the complexion and features a new  portion  of  loveliness  and  attrac- tion.   The   Proprietor   finding   a   considerable   increase  in  the sale,   has   relinquished   the   Retail  Branch,  and  appointed the Composition to be sold in packets, at 5s. 6d. and 2s. 9d. each, by Messrs. Gattie and Lea, No.  52,  New  Bond-street;  Davison  and Son,  No.  59,  Fleet-street;  Kieth,  No.  30,  Haymarket; Bowman, No.   102,   Bond-street;   Vickery,   Tavistock-street;    Cryer,  No. 68,   Cornhill;   and   Elliott,   Perfumer,   Rathbone-place.   Whole- sale by Berry and Main, Greek-street, Soho.


Source: The Morning Chronicle (London), Tuesday 9th March 1802

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