Authors for JapanIn the aftermath of the horrific events in Japan, The Red Cross urgently needs funds to support its humanitarian efforts as it deploys mobile medical teams to assist the injured, and provides blankets and temporary shelter to those made homeless by the disaster.

Author Keris Stainton has come up with a brilliant fundraising idea. The Authors For Japan initiative is offering 160 book-related auctions where you can bid on some fantastic items, including signed books, advice on your own writing, and even the chance to have a fictional character named after you!

I’ve donated a signed copy of Kill-Grief, my novel set in the hard-drinking world of a 1750s hospital. Included in the auction are a typescript of an earlier draft of chapter one with my editing scribbles (this is a bit embarrassing actually, but hey, it’s for a good cause!), PLUS one of the few remaining limited edition Kill-Grief gin miniatures. You can bid on them here, or visit the main site to browse all the cool stuff on offer.

Kill-Grief Gin Miniature

Chapter One of Kill-Grief
Embarrassing draft!

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