Bell's Anti-Prandium


Image: Daguerreotype of the Duke of Wellington in 1844

Cashing in on the Duke of Wellington's death in order to sell fart pills quite frankly seems a bit distasteful to me:  

         VERBUM SAT.—Our Immortal Wellington            clearly died from an attack of Indigestion. All who suffer from Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Cardialgia, Eructations, Fla- tulency, Torpidity of the Bowels and Liver,  should  take  BELL'S ANTI-PRANDIUM,   or   DIGESTIVE  PILLS,  prepared  with   the purest drugs, and the test of many years' extensive use in  private practice. They may be depended upon as a safe, effectual, and price- less remedy.—Sold only by Gifford and Linder, chemists, &c., 104, Strand; and Messrs. Blake, 47, Piccadilly. Price 2s. 9d. per box. By post for a 2d. stamp.   Source: The Daily News (London) Saturday 11 December 1852

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