New book: The History of Medicine in 100 Facts

The History of Medicine in 100 Facts book

The history of medicine is a vast subject, encompassing the whole of humanity in every region of the globe. For millennia, our ancestors have sought to combat disease, relieve pain and postpone the Grim Reaper’s inevitable victory, doing so with a fortitude and humour that makes their experiences resonate with …

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What the Apothecary Ordered

WTAO - inside pages

I’m delighted to announce that 10 August is the UK publication day for a pocket volume I compiled for Old House Books, an imprint of Shire Publications. What the Apothecary Ordered gathers together some of the more peculiar remedies of the last two millennia, and presents them alongside evocative images …

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Happy Christmas!

Burdock Blood Bitters, late 19thC

ADvent Calendar Day 24 I hope you’ve enjoyed the daily posts during December – I’ve had fun compiling them! I leave you with a festive late-19th century trade card for Burdock Blood Bitters or ‘B.B.B.’ This famous tonic, which was around 20% alcohol, was advertised as the solution to numerous …

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The Quack Doctor Book

I’ve written a book! It is out now and I must embark on the excruciating task of self-promotion, about which I ought to have learnt something from the quacks by this time. Unfortunately I can’t promise that this book is made from rare ingredients known to ancient tribespeople, that it …

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The Quack Doctor at Brighton Festival Fringe

If you’re in Brighton on 16 May 2012, come along to the Red Roaster Coffee House on St James Street for an evening of unusual tales from eight writers – including The Quack Doctor! Grit Lit runs twice a year and is a great event with a friendly and vibrant …

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Happy Christmas from The Quack Doctor

………………………………………………………………………………….. FATHER CHRISTMAS AND THE DOCTORS Old Christmas comes but once a year, Of that there is no question; But when he comes we all feel queer, Hurrah for indigestion! Dyspepsia follows in his train, The Stomach-ache attends him; And every sort of inward pain A gay enjoyment lends him. …

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Hearty and Vigorous to the Last

I wrote recently on the new Royalty Free Fiction blog about how a handwritten note in a historical source inspired me to write my novel, Kill-Grief. The note was what started me thinking about how many interesting lives (and lives are all interesting, aren’t they?) have passed by without leaving …

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Authors For Japan

In the aftermath of the horrific events in Japan, The Red Cross urgently needs funds to support its humanitarian efforts as it deploys mobile medical teams to assist the injured, and provides blankets and temporary shelter to those made homeless by the disaster. Author Keris Stainton has come up with …

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The Medical Weblog Awards

I’m delighted to announce that The Quack Doctor is a finalist in the Best Literary Medical Weblog category of the Medgadget Awards. There was a strong list of nominations and it must have been tough for the judges to decide, so I’m really honoured that my blog made the top …

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