Cuticura Soap and Ointment

Cuticura Good Housekeeping 1894

Skin "literally on fire"? Then you need Cuticura - or possibly a large bucket of water and a good plastic surgeon.

Cuticura originated in the US in 1865 and had reached the UK by 1880. The famous company is, of course, still going strong with a wide range of top-quality skincare and haircare products, as shown on its website (UK). Cuticura is also the sponsor of Stalybridge Celtic FC.

At the time of this advert, a pot of Cuticura ointment cost 2s. 3d. The BMA estimated that the cost of ingredients was 3 farthings.

Image: Cuticura ad from Good Housekeeping, 1894


    MOTHERS,   DO    YOU    REALISE   how    your little    ones    suffer   when   their   tender   skins  are literally  on   fire  with  itching  and  burning  eczemas and  other   itching,   scaly,   and   blotchy   skin  and scalp  diseases?  To  know  that  a  warm  bath  with CUTICURA   SOAP   and   a   single  application  of CUTICURA (ointment), the great  skin  cure,  will,  in the   great  majority  of  cases,  afford  instant   relief, permit rest  and  sleep,  and  point  to  a  permanent and economical (because so speedy) cure, and  not to  use  them,  without  a  moment's  delay,  is  to fail in  your  duty.  No  greater  legacy  can be bestowed upon   a   child  than  a  skin  without  blemish  and  a body nourished with pure blood. Source: The Liverpool Courier, Saturday 6th March 1897


  1. I am currently using the new cuticura on my face itd been 2 days now, am I doing the right thing, what is the differnce between an old orange one and this greenish one, please help my skin is so dry

  2. Hi Khwezi

    This is a site about the history of advertising and, as mentioned in the sidebar, I can’t give health advice. You could try asking your local pharmacist, who I’m sure will be able to help you.

    Best wishes

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  4. I have been using cuticura for couple of years its very good now the ointment I had is finished do you have a pharmacy in France where I can buy it?

  5. Is it true that cuticura is the best ointment for wrinkles ND blemishes

  6. I am using cuticura, its been 2years now. And my face looks very good. Now my problem is my other friend warned me about cuticura ointment, she says it destroy face when you use its some time. Is it true?

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