Tenor Singer I don’t have much info on these lozenges, but other similar products of the time tended to be based on cayenne pepper. Later in the 19th century, cocaine also became a popular ingredient, albeit in very small amounts.

In 1844, according to the  Eclectic Magazine, Dr Stolberg “bequeathed the secret of his voice lozenge – with presents of which he was wont to secure the friendship of the first vocal artists of his day – to a gentleman of large wealth in this country.” The lozenges were still around, under the same name, at the end of the 19th century.

Image: from Almanach comique, pittoresque, drolatique, critique et charivarique pour l’année 1887 , reproduced courtesy of Old Book Illustrations


                      TO MEMBERS OF PARLIAMENT.
       DR.   STOLBERG’S   VOICE   LOZENGE,   for   Im-
proving   the   Voice,   and   removing   all   affections   of   the   Throat,
strongly recommended to Clergymen, Singers, Actors, Public Speakers,
and all persons  subject  to  Relaxed  Throats.  The  above  Lozenge has
been before the public for three years  and  is  proved  by the most  cele-
brated artistes, who continue their constant use,  to be  the best specific
ever  invented  for  the  Voice  and  Throat;  a   trial   will   prove their un-
doubted efficacy.  Testimonials  are  published  with  each  box  from Ma-
dame Grisi,  Madame  Persiani,  Madame  Eugenie  Garcia, Signor La-
blache, &c., &c.
Wholesale   Agents,   Barclay   and   Sons,   Farringdon-street;   Sutton
and  Co.,  Bow  Churchyard;  W.  Edwards,  Newberry  and  Sons,  St.
Paul’s Churchyard;  Sanger,  Dietrichsen,  and  Hannay,  Oxford-street,
and Retail by all respectable Chemists in the Kingdom.


Source: The Daily News, Monday 30 March 1846

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