Apologies for the lack of background information or ironic commentary on this one, but I’m too busy celebrating the launch of my first novel. For more info on that, have a look at my website. Otherwise, today’s ad has a suitably literary (or least vaguely poetic) section.


             H A N C E ‘ S   C A N D Y,
For Coughs, Colds,  Hoarseness,  &c.,  contains
Hoarhound,   Wild   Cherry,   Slippery   Elm,   El-
ecampane, and other ingredients, amounting to
         Cease from coughing—cure your colds—
         From your lungs remove each pain;
         Do not wait their action longer,
         If you’d peace and health regain.
   Why continue to be  afflicted  with  pains  at   the
lungs, a constant Cough, and want of sleep, when
a package of
will at once  restore  you?  A  few  packages  will
benefit you in the  way  of  cure,  when   all   other
remedies fail.                         SETH S. HANCE.
                            corner Charles and Pratt streets.
For sale in Cumberland, Md, by
                                                R. D. JOHNSON.

Source: The Cumberland Alleganian (Maryland) Friday 17 April 1846

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