Holland’s Balsam of Spruce is in the tradition of other tree resin remedies, such as Solomon’s Balm of Gilead and the Balsam of Mecca. Given that nearly 170 years later, a cure for the common cold remains as elusive as ever, this medicine would have been worth a punt – if nothing else, it was probably alcohol-based. The image of the coughing gentleman was part of the advertisement.


Holland's Balsam of SpruceHOLLAND’S BAL-
SAM of SPRUCE, the newly discovered remedy
Medical Science is daily pro-
ducing new wonders, and
among the discoveries which
take place none are more de-
serving of public approbation,
than a remedy for those com-
plaints which in this variable climate, are so productive of
fatal consequences to the comfort and lives of the public as
Coughs and Colds.
This Extraordinary Remedy relieves the most distressing
symptoms in a few hours, and a little perseverance in its use
will, in every case, effect a permanent Cure.
Coughs and Colds, accompanied by a difficulty of breathing,
soreness and rawness of the chest, impeded expectoration, sore
throat, and feverish symptoms, will be quickly subdued, while
its use will assuredly prevent consumption from this prolific
HOLLAND’S BALSAM of SPRUCE gives immediate ease
in all Asthmatic cases, and particularly in Hoarseness, Wheez
ings and Obstructions of the Chest ; while those who have
laboured for years under the misery of a confirmed Asthma, have
been enabled by its use to enjoy the blessings of life, and to
pursue their avocations with a degree of ease and comfort they
had been strangers to for years.
Prepared by Charles Holland, and sold by his agent, T. Prout,
229, Strand, London ; and by most Medicine Venders in the

Source: The Odd Fellow (London) Saturday 30th January 1841


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