Hunt’s Remedy

ADvent Calendar Day 7ADvent Calendar Day 7

Take THAT, Death! POW! The skeletal figure of the Grim Reaper drops his scythe and cowers before the might of a strong, healthy opponent wielding a bottle of Hunt's Remedy. The Remedy became popular in the 1870s after it was acquired by William Clarke of Providence, Rhode Island, and heavily advertised. According to the Medical Record of 19 July 1884, its main ingredient was dogbane (Apocynum cannabium), a traditional Native American treatment for dropsy (oedema).   Hunt's Remedy   Trade card from Miami University Libraries You can find out more about the remedy - including more pictures - at Peachridge Glass.

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  1. You can now find definitive information about Hunt’s on my non-commercial, ephemera-related website (URL below).

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