“Dr.” H. G. Root was a New York chemist whose remedy (not named in most of his adverts) was called Elepizone. According to Martindale’s Extra Pharmacopaeia of 1892, it was made of “bromide of sodium 30 grains, bromide of ammonium 30 grains, bromide of potassium 20 grains, tincture of nux vomica 15 minims, with caramel q.s. to 1 ounce of wintergreen water.” This was nothing very different from the drugs prescribed by the medical profession. After the early 1890s, Root dropped the title “Dr.” from his advertising and variously appeared as Mr. H.G. Root, H.G. Root Esq or just plain H.G. Root.


When I say I cure, I do not mean merely to stop them
for a time and then have them return again. I mean a
radical cure. I have made the disease of FITS, EPILEPSY, or
FALLING SICKNESS a life-long study. Because others have
failed is no reason for not now receiving a cure. Send at once
for a Treatise and a Free Bottle of my infallible remedy. Give
address in full. It costs you nothing for a trial and it will cure.
Address Dr. H. G. ROOT, 5, Plum Tree Court, Farringdon-
street, London.”

Source: The Illustrated Police News, Saturday 9th February 1889


  1. My friend is suffering from fits for the past 15 years and i need to get himcured permanently can you please help me in this regard

  2. my friend daughter suffering from fits since last 12 years, her age is 20 years and weight is 75 kg can you help.

  3. HI
    sir from the last 15 years am suffering from filts,taken the course for 6 years.
    Aftre ECG report my doctor told me to gradually decrease the dose.
    so stopped it in march 2011.
    but agian i get fits.
    can you tell me the solution how to overcome fits.
    I will be very thankful
    looking for you suggestion

  4. sir,
    my husband had a fits attack after 10 years. please tell me the solution how to overcome fits.

  5. Hello everyone, as mentioned in the sidebar and the about page, this is a site about the history of medicine and advertising and I cannot advise on health issues. I wish you all the best with finding the appropriate help from a qualified medical practitioner.


  6. Dear sir,

    My brother is suffering from fits for about 25 years… His age is 27… Yes he is taking the tablets for 25 years… Because of this he is feeling very dull… He cant stop the tablets… If he do so means fits may interrupt his normal life… can you give a permanent remedy for his fits… Pls….

  7. i am suffering from fits from past 8 years now iam study in the college ,,,still it is continue,,,,so iam totally disturb from fits ,,,,,please give any remedy to cure fits ,,,please please please,.,.,,

  8. I have a friend who suffers severely from convulsion for years. The worst thing is that it occurs at a particular month then randomly during the year. Always it attacks at sleep and during early hours, i.e. between 5-9 AM. Please, please in God’s Name help!

    God bless you!

  9. iam suffering from fits …. i take ct scan when fits starts time in govt hospital in india.in ct scan report : small medula problem ,generally when for me fits will cure? whatever iam eat food my body is not growing? what is the reasons? pls tell sir…

  10. Sir my brother is suffering from fits from his 9 months.Before he used to get fits only when he gets fever and cold.But now without any reason fits is coming.It is lasting for a long time sir.He is taking now Frisium 10 mg, Levipil 500, Divune ER 250.Before he took valparin and many other tablets.Will it be cured ???? Now he is 16 sir.Doctor said that he has neuron problem.What to do now sir.He is doing his schooling sir.I am really very much frightened to send him to school sir.We dont allow him to ride bike or anything else sir because we can never predict when fits is coming.All guys of his age group is enjoying but he is not able to enjoy even the basic things sir.Please suggest me some solution sir.

  11. sir,my brother is attacked by fits since 8 months and they come always daily.
    He is 25 now.
    My parents are begging for cure but we cannot make it out.
    Plz help us

  12. Dear Sir, My Son-In-Law age is just 1Year 7Months, he is suffering with Fits disease ! How to cure this? Please sir, try to help to my family, We have no money to treat in a big big Hospitals.

    Thanking You Sir,

    Yours Sincerely
    Ramakoteswara Rao Atluri

    SIR i suffering from fits past 7years, i 8 times fallen down with fits, now i taking tablets but not useful for me plz give your suggestion.

  14. hello sir, my friend is suffering from fits in the childhood, and also he take the treatment 2 years, is that any chance to come again after taking the treatment.

  15. Hi , I am from India and will come to London for my brother’s treatment. Please let me know how much do you charge.

  16. Hi, please can you advise on a cure for fits as my mum gets fits a lot. She takes tabs but I’m very concerned as this meds are not making her get fits less. I will realy appreciate your help. My email address is dianesianfelix@gmail.com

    • Dear Dr,

      My son is of 16 year old , from last 4 years he is getting fits. He is on Homeopathic as well as on allopathic medicine.
      EEG of my son shows as abnormal Bilateral
      Cerebral Dysrhythmia . Earlier he is to get pain in head and drowsiness i.e. partial seizure this stay for 1 minutes then he is normal. He gets this kind of seizures 3-4 in a day after every 15 days interval and now after once in two month. recently his fits where of like jerks. . We are taking homeopathic medicine from last 4 years and Epilive (allopathic medicine ) from last one year. His
      EEG report is abnormal. MRI report has come as Normal. Pls guide us.

      Awaiting your reply.

      With Regards,

      Sunil Malgekar
      Mobile No. -. +91 993050495

  17. HI
    My husband is epilaptic. Ee are based in Johannesburg South Africa. Please help. You can send medication by post and we will forward the payment to you. Please reply on the above email address.

    Kind regards

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