May's Celebrated Love Lozenges



This advert doesn't specify whether you have to take the lozenges yourself in order to exert a magnetic influence on the object of your affections, or whether you're supposed to give him or her one (a lozenge, that is) under the pretence that it's a delicious bon-bon. But in either case, who could resist ordering the "extra-strong" version?



         MAY'S CELEBRATED LOVE LOZENGES. SURE and safe, pleasant in taste, certain in effect; gains the undying love and affection of any one you wish; none can resist their magnetic influence. In boxes, post free, 9 stamps; extra strong, 13 stamps. The best are the cheapest.---Mr. MAY, Pharmaceutical Chemist (by diploma), 22, Heaton-road, Peck- ham-rye, London. N.B.---Beware of Spurious Imitations. Y.S.---Latin prescriptions translated into English, six stamps.


Source:  Reynolds's Newspaper (London), Sunday 4th January, 1874.  

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