Monteet's Infallible Medicines

Monteet's Medicines weren't among the more famous of 19th-century remedies. The proprietor, R. Hodgson, advertised them quite heavily in the Northern Echo for a few months in 1880-81, but after that they disappear. There is no way to tell whether the various mixtures were all pretty much the same, but it wouldn't be a surprise. My favourite thing about this advert is the rather bossy tone at the beginning, and the assurance that the medicines never fail (just in case we momentarily forgot what infallible means).
                             LOOK HERE! If you are ill, try MONTEET'S INFALLIBLE MEDICINES; they never fail. They are not the dis- covery of a moment, but from the well-tried prescrip- tions of some of the most eminent physicians. They quickly remove all dangerous and unpleasant symp- toms, prolong life in ease and comfort, and so prevent sudden deaths. Monteet's Heart Mixture, 2s 6d and 5s ; Monteet's Blood Cleaner, 2s 6d and 5s ; Monteet's Consumptive Drops, 1s 6d, 2s 6d, and 5s; Monteet's Dropsy Mixture, 1s 6d, 2s 6d, 5s, and 7s 6d ; Monteet's Mix- ture for Fits, 2s 6d, 5s, and 7s 6d ; Monteet's Liver Mixture, 1s 6d, 2s 6d, and 6s ; Monteet's Liver Pills, 6d, 1s, and 2s; Monteet's Aperient Pills, 6d, 1s and 2s; Monteet's Stomachic Pills, 1s and 2s 6d; Monteet's Diarrhoea Pills, 6d and 1s; Monteet's Dyspeptic Pills, 6d, 1s, and 2s 6d ; Monteet's Teething Powders, 6d and 1s. Full directions enclosed with each, which may be obtained of the Sole Agent in England, Mr. R. HODG- SON, 23, Jackson-street, Brotton, Saltburn, Yorkshire. Handbills Free.


Source: The Northern Echo (Darlington), Wednesday 26th January 1881

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