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proved in all cases the most safe and efficacious remedy
ever discovered for the removal of strictures without the use of
a bougie, as well as a speedy and certain cure for all discharges,
gleets, whites, seminal weakness, irritation of the urethra and
bladder, pains in the back and kidneys, gravel, &c. It contains,
in a concentrated state, all the efficacious parts of sarsaparilla,
combined with other well-tried and approved alteratives, which
make it an excellent remedy for secondary symptoms, pains of
the bones, glandular swellings, chronic rheumatism, scrofulous,
scorbutic eruptions, blotches and pimples, and all disorders
originating from impurity of blood. In cases of debility,
attended with lassitude, nervous depression of spirits, and loss
of manly vigour, brought on by early imprudence, long residence
in hot or unhealthy climates, and other causes, it has been found
to quickly produce a beneficial change, restoring health, energy,
and vigour throughout the whole system. For weakness,
obstructions, and other disorders incidental to delicate females
it has proved highly beneficial.
Prepared only by the Proprietor, JOHN STIRLING, Chemist, 86,
High-street, Whitechapel, in bottles, at 2s 9d., 4s 6d, 10s, and
20s each, from whom it can be sent to any part of the world,
upon enclosing the amount, or a Post-office order payable in
Whitechapel. It can be had of all respectable medicine venders.

Source:  The Era (London) Sunday 13th January 1850

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