Boxer from the Trousset Encyclopaedia, 1886-1891  


I have absolutely no idea what was in this medicine, so instead of a witty and/or informative comment, here is a picture of a fellow epitomising health and manly vigour. The image is from the Dictionnaire encyclopédique Trousset, published in Paris between 1886 and 1891, and is reproduced courtesy of Old Book Illustrations.






packet of this remedy will convince the most sceptical of its surprising
invigorating virtues; it may be taken with the greatest safety and
certainty by all who suffer from weakness, lowness of spirits, depres-
sion, nervousness, and debility. Females would do well to take this
remedy, as, by quickening the circulation and enriching the blood, it
imparts health and bloom to the most impaired constitution, and is a
remedy for relaxation, spermatorrhӕa, and all the distressing con-
sequences arising from early abuse, indiscriminate excesses, or too
long residing in hot climes. It has restored bodily and sexual
strength and vigour to thousands of debilitated persons, who are now
in the enjoyment of health and the functions of manhood; and what-
ever may be the causes of disqualification for marriage, they are
effectually subdued by this wonderful discovery. Parties taking the
above remedy are entitled to the advice of a Medical Man, Free of
Charge. Price 1s. 6d. per Package, to which are added advice and
directions for self-cure. ̶ Sole Agents : Winnall, High Street, Bir-
mingham ; Mander and Weaver, Victoria Street, Wolverhampton ;
Hutchings, Dudley; C. Britten, Wednesbury; W. Britten, Tipton
and Prince’s End; Osborn, High Street, West Bromwich.

Source: The Birmingham Daily Post, Thursday 23rd January 1868