The Rowlands – a father and son team – mainly produced cosmetic products. The one shown below veers more towards the medical side of things, as did their Cerelaeum elixir for headaches and vertigo. They also sold a tooth powder called Odonto, a beauty preparation named Kalydor and a hair dye called the Essence of Tyre. Their most famous product, however, was Macassar Oil for the hair, introduced to Britain in the late 18th century and still in production as late as the 1940s. The Rowlands are therefore the ones to blame for those doily antimacassars on the back of your grandma’s sofas, and for you getting told off every time you sat down too exuberantly and made them fall down.

For The TOOTH ACHE,  and  preserving  and  beau-
                 tifying the Teeth and Gums,
Patronized by his Excellency the Duke of San Carlos,
the Spanish Ambassador, and most  of  the  Nobility,
R O W L A N D’s   A L S A N A   E X T R A C T,  or
Abyssinian Specific for the Teeth and Gums.
   This invaluable Specific has been in high estimation
for many years, and  recommended by  the  first  phy-
sicians.   Its   properties  are   truly  wonderful;  it   im-
mediately   relieves   the   most   violent  Tooth  Ache,
cleanses and beautifies  the  Teeth  and  Gums,  and
preserves them from decay; prevents decayed Teeth
giving   pain,   removes   the  Tartar  from   the  Teeth,
fastens those that are  loose,  and  makes  the  Teeth
beautifully   white  and  uniform;  cleanses  the  scurvy
from the  gums,  renders  them  firm  and  healthy,  re-
freshes   the  mouth  during  disease  after  medicine,
and imparts  a  sweetness  to  the  breath.   It  is  per-
fectly   innocent,   so   that   a  child  may  take  it,  yet
contains  those  inestimable  properties  that,  if  con-
stantly used, will render the Teeth and Gums sound,
, and free from pain, to  the  latest  period  of
life.   It  is  an  excellent  Stomachic.    Price   2s.   9d.;
4s. 6d.; and 10s. 6d. per bottle.
   Sold wholesale,  retail  and  for  exportation,  by  the
sole  Proprietors,   A.  Rowland  and  Son,  corner  of
Kirby-street,   the  first  turning  on  the   right   in   Hat-
ton  Garden,  Holborn,   London;   and,   by    appoint-
ment, by
              Messrs. HALDON and LOWNDES,
                     At the Office of this Journal,
and   Messrs.   Munday  and  Slatter,  Oxford;  James,
Reading;  Butler,  Wycombe;   Watkins,   Cirencester;
and by all Perfumers and Medicine Venders.
        None  are   genuine   without   the   signature   “A.
Rowland and Son.”


Source: Jackson’s Oxford Journal, Saturday 13 April 1822