Review: Medikidz Explain Epilepsy

Medikidz explain epilepsy

Knowledge is power, but if you’re a child recently diagnosed with a medical condition – or are watching a loved one go through bewildering tests and treatments – information can be hard to get at. Well-meaning adults might assume you won’t understand big words, or they might be having trouble …

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Book Review: Shropshire Doctors & Quacks, by Richard Moore

When doctors write about the history of medicine, there’s a danger that the result will be ‘look at me! I’ve just discovered the story of James Graham’s Celestial Bed and shall now proceed to show how clever I am by relating some well-known details about it in an urbane and …

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Book Review: What’s Up With Max? Medikidz Explain Asthma

For a child diagnosed with a medical condition, life can suddenly become confusing and scary. Adults might not be equipped to answer their questions, or might even feel that it’s best to hide the truth. Meanwhile, Google turns up horrific prognoses or theories that the condition is part of some …

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