ADvent Calendar Day 19ADvent Calendar Day 19

This wonderful product name conjures up an image of Wile E Coyote speeding along a dirt road on a go-kart-mounted trebuchet, firing little worms at Road Runner until the cart hits a stone and tumbles into a lake, attracting thousands of ravenous fish to the bait. Well, that’s what it conjures up for me, anyway.


Acme Worm Bouncer, from the Morning Sun News Herald, Iowa, 22 December 1927

The Worm Bouncer was an animal feed supplement comprising charcoal, sulphur, iron oxide, iron sulphate, salt, sodium sulphate and Epsom salts. It could be used for poultry and horses as well as hogs and sheep, and was said to prevent 90% of disease.

So if you can think of any ‘blood-sucking, profit-stealing parasites’ that need removing, this is the product for you.