Medical Blog AwardsI’m delighted to announce that The Quack Doctor is a finalist in the Best Literary Medical Weblog category of the Medgadget Awards. There was a strong list of nominations and it must have been tough for the judges to decide, so I’m really honoured that my blog made the top five.

Whilst the shortlist was chosen by the folks at Medgadget, the overall winner will be decided by public vote. (You can see where this post is going, can’t you?)

The polls are open now and will close on Sunday 13 February, so if you enjoy reading The Quack Doctor, please could you possibly cast a vote for me? Only if you have time, of course – I don’t mean to impose on you in any way. The other finalists are super so you should obviously vote for them if you prefer, but any votes sent my way would be terribly appreciated…

Or maybe I should be less British about it and just say:



(If it’s not too much trouble, that is. I’ll be eternally grateful.)


  1. The Quack Doctor is first out of the starting gates, and leading into the first bend with 11 votes cast. The odds on winning are shortening, but there is still a long way to go.

    The competition is stiff, so it is great that you made it into the final race.

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