Happy New Year and welcome to the new home of The Quack Doctor, formerly found at quackdoctor.wordpress.com. I hope you like the site and continue to enjoy reading about the medical curiosities I find in historical newspapers. All my old posts from the wordpress.com blog are now here, and there’s lots more to come in 2010, starting tomorrow with Harness’s Electric Corset – which includes my first attempt at a podcast!

I also plan to set up a section of the site for transcripts related to the wider history of medicine – particularly the gruesome or strange aspects, so look out for that soon. Also check out the More from Old Newspapers gallery – this contains a lot of stuff from the old site plus plenty of new images, and I’ll carry on updating this frequently.

If you’re a previous subscriber to The Quack Doctor, you can update your RSS feed at the subscribe button at the top of the sidebar, or the link is http://thequackdoctor.com/index.php/feed/rss/

If you’re one of the many bloggers who has kindly included me in your blogroll, please could you update your link to:



Thank you, and please spread the word about the new site!


  1. Happy New Year to you too.

    I am looking forward your blogs in 2010. I am sure they will continue to be entertainingly gruesome.

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