ADvent Calendar Day 16ADvent Calendar Day 16

I’ve been studying Victorian advertising for about five years now and the products that bring astonishment and chuckles from others usually appear very bog-standard to me. This, however, remains the strangest ad I have seen in all that time. It often crops up in the Illustrated Police News, but imagine how delighted I was to stumble on it in the new collection of more than 1 million pictures posted to Flickr and released into the public domain by the British Library this week. I can’t wait to discover what other treasures are lurking in this vast resource.

I know this ad is not health-related, but I just couldn’t leave it out. Startling indeed!

Yankee Rubber Baby from 'The White Cat' by Hal Ludlow 1882

From The White Cat by Hal Ludlow, 1882

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