Torpid Liver Positively Cured

I'm sure all The Quack Doctor’s readers have leapt out of bed bright and early this morning, clear-headed, sparkly-eyed and ready to go out and grab all the exciting opportunities that the New Year presents. But if you know someone who is feeling a little more fragile right now, you could point them towards the following collection of helpful remedies. Carter's Little Liver Pills Carter's Little Liver Pills, from The Graphic, 23 August 1890. . . Smith's Pineapple and Butternut Pills Smith's Pineapple and Butternut Pills, The Washington Times, 3 May 1906 . . Brain SaltBrain Salt. 1890s. . . The Neal Cure The Neal Cure. Los Angeles Herald, 21 July 1910 . January 1 is also this blog's second birthday. When I started it, I told myself and others that it was just a way of categorising and storing the bits of information that were floating around in my notes - a sort of external hard drive for my brain. Deep down, of course, I hoped that other people would read and enjoy it - and it seems that's what's happened! Thank you to everyone who has supported The Quack Doctor over the past year by reading my posts and commenting on them, following me on Twitter, joining my Facebook page or emailing me to ask questions and talk about your own research. Wishing you all a Happy New Year!


  1. Wonderful blog. Some great articles. Keep up the good work.

  2. I stumbled onto your blog by accident while I was looking for graphic files for old Parisian adverts. What a treat, and an amazing collection! Keep up the fascinating work!

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