Walter De Roos' Compound Renal Pills

Here's another product from the enigmatic Dr De Roos, who once again uses the ploy of warning the punters against charlatans. The Renal Pills were still available in the early 20th century, when the results of analysis were reported in More Secret Remedies. The pills were made of sodium carbonate, soap, a resin that might have been derived from ammoniacum, and some unidentifiable vegetable tissue. All this was covered in a thick layer of powdered liquorice. The pills arrived on the market in the late 1840s and, in 1851, some adverts included a testimonial claiming that they were 'worth a guinea a box' - a phrase that later became the famous slogan for Beecham's Pills.  

PAINS IN THE BACK, GRAVEL, LUMBAGO, GOUT, RHEUMATISM, DISEASE OF THE KIDNEYS, BLAD- DER, &c. THE COMPOUND RENAL PILLS correct acidity of the stomach, and indigestion, promote the functions of the liver and kidneys, thereby preventing stone in the bladder and kidneys, with many other serious disorders to which these impor- tant organs are subject. Listlessness, weakness, peevishness, and complaints long supposed to be nervous, often arise solely from contamination of the blood with certain impurities which should have been carried off by the kidneys: several unsightly eruptions of the skin and face also arise from the same cause, and may be as readily removed by these Pills, which in 19 cases out of 20 cure with a rapidity almost marvellous. 1s 1½d, 2s 9d, 4s 6d, 11s, and 33s per box through all Chemists. THOUSANDS OF TESTIMONIALS MAY BE SEEN BY ANY ONE. Sold by:—Hughes, Chemist, Bangor; Roberts, Chemist, Con- way; Griffith, Chemist, High-street, Carnarvon; Edwards, Chemist, Denbigh; Hughes, Chemist, Holyhead; and Moore, Chemist, Newtown; and at least one agent in almost every town; but should difficulty occur, enclose the amount by Post-office order or otherwise, to 25, Bedford Place, Bloomsbury Square, London and they will be sent securely packed per return. NOTICE AND CAUTION.—Injurious imitations of the above by Quacks and others, who forge testimonials to puff off their useless trash, sufferers should guard against the recommendation of the spurious or other articles, by dishonest vendors, who thereby obtain a larger profit. The genuine have the words “WALTER DE ROOS LONDON,” printed in white letters on the Government Stamp, by order of Her Majesty's Hon. Commissioners, to imitate which is felony and transportation. Source: The North Wales Chronicle, Sat 11 November 1865

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