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Advertised with this beautiful Art Nouveau poster designed by William H Bradley, Narcoti-cure claimed to put smokers and tobacco-chewers off their habit for life. ‘Why smoke and spit your life away?’ advertisements asked. ‘Why suffer from dyspepsia, heartburn and drains on your vital force?’ The product would cure nicotine addiction (I’m not sure why they didn’t call it Nicoti-cure) within four to ten days, and appealed to punters by reassuring them that they could continue to smoke as much as they wanted while the remedy worked its magic. The idea was that the person would no longer have any desire to smoke, because ‘the weed won’t taste good.’


Narcoti-cure, 1895


Poster, 1895, from The Library of Congress.

Advertising quotations from The Newark Daily Advocate, 9 August 1895 at