Worms, frogs and the strange world of the internet

This is a bit of a lazy post, I know, but I thought I'd share with you some recent search terms that have led people to The Quack Doctor. Some of them are quite an eye-opener and not for the faint-hearted! All spelling and punctuation is exactly as it is on arrival. .

Let's start with the ever-popular worms: worm the size of a woman hand where buy worm medicine in london hole next to my urethra with worm Worm like discharge from urethra worms in the beginning of time?


Then there are the leeches: keeping horse leeches How to hold leeches does leech appear in dirty houses why would a doctor put leaches on someone Women who are leeches


And frogs: frog is medicine for piles frog sweat ointment frog guts coming out anus


The nether regions are a perennial favourite too: st marks anal dilator anus etching after stooling Quack negative stool in rectum how did victorian women go to the toilet trusses for balls Dr. Fart key stallion balls too much sherbert burning anus


Who says romance is dead?: how to make a woman hot for you tablet stuff that quack doctor uses for love spell to make crazy old french letters huge breasts "air pump" using old electric massager for vibrator what's a vibrater for woman secret pills for men's cocks clyster rubber ear sex


Miscellaneous: drunk person helping a drunker personTwo statesmen drowning their cares... Tim Bobbin (John Collier) 1773 sick looking drunk person that is undressed www.wife's pee drinking habit century years before painful whipped century woman real OR reel OR flogged were doctors recognized by urine containers in 18th centuary clio patra kween of egypt gruesome corset goat dung potions characters stamped brain eighteenth century rapid rubbing of moustache .

Potential political scandal: the secret out at last corset mr. Brown




  1. Funny! One wonders what provokes people’s interest in these oddities. I know how it feels as my blog attracts those searching for:
    goat eyes
    old goat eyes
    goat head with eyes
    strange goat eye
    etc. (you get the idea). It’s very funny considering my blog has nothing to do with the subject (except that once I featured a photo I took of a goat’s face). Since then I wrote a post about it and now get an avalanche of hits. I should have known better 🙂

  2. Great list… Search terms people use fascinates me…

    I think the sherbet one disturbed me the most… How could someone misuse a poor innocent sweet from my childhood…



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  4. Ew! Ew! That is a scary insight into some of the *loons* out there. You are far braver than me!

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