The one and only benefit of this product was that it made guys wash …


                 BY   ROYAL  AUTHORITY

,   an    infallible    Prevention   against
Venereal  Infection;  a  Preparation,  though  simple,  yet  so
efficacious,  as  to  render  it  of  the  utmost  importance  to
every  one  who  values  Health;  and  from  its  peculiar  pro-
perties  as a bracer, must prove highly beneficial as well  as
    Sold  Wholesale  and  Retail  by  Heath  and  Co.  at  their
Medicinal  Office,  No. 4, Bell-yard,  Fleet-street, in boxes  at
2s  6d.  and  5s.  duty  included;   and  by  their  appointment
at Mr. THOMAS BELAM’s, Portsmouth.
    This  specific,  from  its  superior  cleansing   powers   and
ready use, may justly be considered the  happiest  discovery
Medical  Research  has  provided  against so baneful  a  de-
stroyer.  Just  published,  and may be had as above, a  brief
Treatise  on  the  destructive  tendency  of the Venereal Dis-
ease;  containing  some  approved  Receipts for  the  cure  of
that   disorder,   price   Sixpence.   Gentlemen   inclosing   a
Seven  Shilling  Piece,  may  have  the  amount  sent  to  any
part of the kingdom.

Source: The Portsmouth Telegraph, or Mottley’s Naval and Military Journal, Monday 2nd March 1801

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