Quaff-Aid advertisement, Milwaukee Sentinel 28 June 1955


We all have those Facebook friends – you know, the ones who make it clear what a wild, fun and edgy life they lead by announcing that they’re, like, sooooo hungover lol. Well, perhaps their troubles would have been easier to bear in 1955, when a party-pak of Quaff-Aid could have formed part of their evening’s entertainment.

The product was a brewer’s yeast supplement, which is a source of B-complex vitamins and is still popular for warding off hangovers today, though it’s rather less effective than staying sober. According to other adverts, they were on sale in taverns and cocktail lounges as well as drug stores, with one bar owner in Milwaukee’s South First Street saying:

‘Quaff-Aid helps my customers stay well, feel swell, and it sure works, I know.’

The 98-cent party kit came complete with napkins – I’m not sure why these were necessary for taking a tablet but presumably they enhanced the fun somehow.



The Milwaukee Sentinel, 25 May 1955
The Milwaukee Sentinel, 28 June 1955

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