Damiana is a shrub long reputed to have aphrodisiac effects, and is still used in herbal medicine to boost libido.

P.N. George sold a variety of products that were despatched with the utmost discretion. As well as the “Rubber Goods” advertised below, there was also a “Male and Female Combined Preventive Appliance,” and if you were having trouble deciding, you could consult the illustrated catalogue.

If the Damiana wafers weren’t enough to get you going, Mr George could also supply cards showing “The Sixteen Positions of Matrimony” or steamy popular literature such as The Honeymoon, and what occurred, The Confessions of a Lady’s Maid, or Boudoir Intrigue, and Confessions of a Gay Young Footman; or Secrets of High Life Exposed.


CAUTION!!—Men, Be Careful!

Use my Sanitary Rubber Goods. Men’s best Rubber Goods, 2s., 3s., 5s., 7s. per dozen, post free, with my 32 page Illustrated List of every known and up-to-date Rubber Appliance. “Men who are Weak” should send at once for my “Champion” Damiana Wafers. They restore the lost vigour, and are a remedy for Spinal Exhaustion and General Weakness. Send at once. Post free, 2s. 9d. per box; two boxes, 5s. “Men who are Strong” preserve and increase your strength by taking my “Champion” Damiana Wafers. The only genuine strength preservative. Send at once. Post free, 2s. 9d. per box; two boxes, 5s. Sandalwood or any other capsules sent post paid 2s. 9d. per box.

N.B.—Any of the above goods sent privately at prices quoted
to any adult reader of this paper.
Write your name and address clearly.


Source: The Illustrated Police News, Saturday 25 March 1899