Cross's Gout and Rheumatic Pills

goutThis remedy was not widely advertised and I don't have much information about it, but I like the way the typography is laid out in the original, so have tried to reproduce it as far as possible, within the limitations of WordPress formatting. There will be more from The Western Mail soon, as it's an excellent source of medicine adverts. Knowing that the paper is still very popular I just looked up its website and found the really "interesting" headline: Pregnant Torchwood Star Eve Myles has Creme Egg cravings. Good to know it remains at the cutting edge of journalism.

Image: Grandpapa's Torments by J. T. Wilson, 1845. Courtesy of the US National Library of Medicine.



That Chills, Colds, Neuralgia, Toothache, Faceache, Headache Rheums,    Tic   Doloreux,   Sciatica, Pains  in  the  Limbs,  Loins,  Joints  etc., Gout, Ague and numerous other Symptoms, Are all  Affections  of  a  RHEUMATIC  NATURE, A n d    m a y   b e   q u i c k l y   C u r e d   b y   taking C R O S S' S   G O U T   A N D   R H E U M A T I C   P I L L S. The  MAGICAL  EFFECT  of  which, in  giving  Tone to The Stomach, Liver, Bowels, and Kidneys, Freeing The System of all HUMOURS, SWELLINGS, UNHEALTHY ACCUMULATIONS, &c., And inducing a Normal Circulation In the BLOOD and NERVOUS CURRENTS, is Astonishing. ------

It  is   in   consequence  of  the  almost  INCREDIBLE  Reputation they have Gained in FOREIGN COUNTRIES, as may be   testified by numerous  Testimonials  in  the  possession  of  the  Proprietor, that   he   is   encouraged   to  make  them  generally  known to  the British Public. Price 1s. 1½d., 2s. 9d., and 4s. 6d. per Box.


To be had of WILLIAM CROSS, CHEMIST, CARDIFF or of any Patent Medicine Vendor.

Source: Western Mail (Cardiff) Monday 18 Dec 1871

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