Horses, H. Castelli, from Heur et Malheur 1877

As a horse owner, I can make an educated guess that this medicine was no worse than a lot of the crappy potions and supplements available at extortionate prices in modern feed stores.


To Sportsmen, Agriculturalists, Postmasters, and all Pro-
prietors of Horses, these Balls are particularly recommended in all
cases of swelled legs, cracked heels, loss of appetite, and vital energy ;
for coughs, colds, fever or inflammation, they are the best medicine
that can be exhibited ; moreover their operation, though effectual, is
so mild, that they require no alteration of diet, and if given with a
bran mash on Saturday night, will not interfere with the ensuing
week’s regular work.
NEAT CATTLE.—The Constitution Balls are strongly recommended
by many highly respectable gentlemen (see testimonials) for Cows
and Oxen as a most valuable medicine in cases of hove or blown,
scouring or turning out to grass, or from bad food, gargate, hide-
bound, loss of appetite, staring coat, distemper, epidemic, or influenza.
Bullocks fat much faster by occasionally giving a Ball.
Prepared only by FRANCIS CUPISS, M.R.V.C., Author of the
Prize Essay on the Disease of the Liver of the Horse,” Diss, Norfolk ;
and sold by all respectable Medicine Vendors in town and country, in
Packets, six Balls each, 3s. 6d. per packet, with a wrapper giving full
directions for the use of the Balls, and treatment of the Horse whilst
taking them. Also, a Pamphlet of Testimonials from many Gentle-
men who have used the Balls in various complaints.
Any Gentleman using the Balls may consult the Proprietor gratui-
tously, either personally, or by letter, post-paid.


Source: The Bristol Mercury, Saturday 11th January 1851