Dr Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People

Here's another big-business remedy, this time originating in Canada. "Dr Williams" was a brand name, and the pills were manufactured by George T. Fulford of Brockville, Ontario. Born in 1852, Fulford went into the patent medicine business in 1886 and four years later bought the rights to the Pink Pills recipe from Dr William Jackson for $53.01. The Pills arrived in Britain by 1893, and the company had premises on Holborn Viaduct, London. The Pink Pills included ferrous sulphate, so they would have had a geniune effect against anaemia, but they were weaker and far more expensive than the ordinary iron pills commonly prescribed by physicians. Fulford, who was appointed to the Senate in 1900, used an "advertorial" style to promote his products. The ads, like the one below,  appeared to be news stories reporting a miracle in some distant town – the miracle always turning out to be a result of someone taking Dr Williams' Pink Pills. In 1905, Senator Fulford had the dubious honour of becoming the first Canadian to be killed in an automobile accident, but his company remained in business until 1989.  

REMARKABLE AFFAIR IN YORKSHIRE.–The daugh- ter of Mr.  J.  Bridges,  42,  Foljambe-road,  Eastwood View,  Rotherham,  has  been  the  theme  of  a  well- authenticated report in the Yorkshire papers, the facts having been investigated, and the  lady and her parents seen, by press representatives. Miss Bridges at seven- teen was described by her parents as "prematurely old." She could  not  eat,  had  no  strength,  and  was  nearly copper-coloured, suffering severely from palpitation of the heart. But when seen  by  the  reporter  she  was  in the bloom of health, eating and sleeping well and quite free from heart-trouble, with complexion  like  the  rose —a recovery entirely due to the now  famous  remedy, Dr.   Williams'  Pink  Pills  for  Pale  People.    When a    girl    is   pale,   weak,   easily   "tired   out,"   trou- bled   with    headache,    backache,    pain    in    the side;   when   her  temper  is  fitful  and  her  appetite poor—she  is  in  a  condition  of  extreme  peril, a fit subject for the development of the most  dreaded  of all diseases—consumption. Dr. Williams'  Pink  Pills will assist the patient to  develop  properly  and  regu- larly; they will enrich  the  blood,  and  danger  of  con- sumption and premature death will be  averted.   Pru- dent mothers will insist  upon  their  daughters  taking Dr.  Williams'  Pink  Pills  upon  the  approach  of  the period of womanhood and thus avoid all  chances  of disease or early decay.   The  same  medicine  cures rheumatism, sciatica, neuralgia, paralysis,  locomotor ataxy, nervous headache, scrofula, chronic erysipelas, and influenza. A specific for the female sex. In   men   they   cure   all   cases   from   worry,   over- work, or excesses. Sold by  Dr.  Williams'  Medicine Company,  46,  Holborn  Viaduct,  London,  and   by chemists, at 2s. 9d. a box, or six boxes 13s. 9d., post free.  Only  genuine  in  pink  wrapper  with  full  name, Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People.   Source:  The Derby Mercury, Wednesday 10 April 1895


  1. The Origional owner was Dr. William Williams not william jackso. The pink pills for pale people were developed in Brockville Onatrio, where the heir to Dr. Williams patent was sold to the fulford family. And these were placebo iron pills

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