Flesh Reducer

Diet products that promised you could eat what you like and not have to do any tedious exercise had a market in the early 20th century, even though today’s media would have us believe that everyone in the good old days was more robustly active than us morally decrepit modern lard-arses.

While many of today’s diet products require you to ingest something, this one was even more effortless – all you had to do was put some pleasant effervescing power in your bath, and in a few weeks you would be the svelte siren of your husband’s dreams.

At least, you would be if Epsom salts had any power to dissolve blubber. The product, a white powder, was analysed by the chemical laboratory of the American Medical Association and found to be Epsom salts, alum, citric acid, camphor and sodium bicarbonate. The Association’s article on the substance, published in the Annual Report for 1914, concluded ‘Like every other bath salt sold as a ‘cure’ for obesity, “Every Woman’s Flesh Reducer” is a fraud.’

……..Take Off That
…………..Weight of Fat


…..Easy, Wonderful, External Method
………….for Men and Women.


Results or Money Back Guaranteed to
.Users of $2.00 Package, which Con-
..tains Three Times Amount in $1 Size.

Just dissolve Every  Woman’s  Flesh  Re-
ducer in your bath,  and  that’s  all!   Your
superfluous   fat   will  fade  away,  easily,
surely and without any bad  effects.  Day
by day your figure will become more and
more as it should be – graceful, trim and
beautiful.  No  need  to  starve   yourself,
dose with  harmful,  drastic  drugs  or  go
through   exhausting and  ridiculous  exer-
Be Rid of Your Handicap. EVERY
……………..is the Easy Way.
….Superfluous  fat  is  humiliating – is  dan-
….Every   Woman’s   Flesh  Reducer  will
quickly  and  naturally  relieve  you  of   all
abnormal fat.  You can  keep  your  weight
just   where   you   want  it,   and  not  feel
weakened   or  exhausted.   Indeed,  you’ll
feel stronger and better in very way.
You  can  not  be happy while you  carry
around   with   you   that   load  of  useless,
energy-using   fat.    Rid   yourself   of   the
burden.   Get  out  of  life  the  energy  you
are entitled to.
….Get  Every Woman’s Flesh Reducer  and
begin its  use  today.  At  drug  and  depart-
ment stores, $1 or $2, or sent on receipt of
price  by   The   Every   Woman  Company
(Not  Inc.)  30  South  Fifth   avenue,  Chi-
cago,  Ill.  For  sale  and  recommended  in
Indianapolis   by   Weber  Drug  Company,
both   stores:   Felger’s    Pharmacy,    both
stores, Henry J. Huder, both stores.

Source: The Indianapolis Star, 13 October 1913


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