Taylor's Anti-Epileptic Medicine

Like other antiepileptic medicines of the time, the Taylors' remedy contained potassium bromide and ammonium bromide, together with some tincture of iodine. These ingredients were topped up with water to make 12 fl. oz. that went on sale at 2s. 9d. – a good profit on the penny or so that it cost to make. .

                      A  CERTAIN  CURE  FOR

F  I  T  S  !  !    E  P  I  L  E  P  T  I  C    F  I  T  S  !  !  ! EPILEPSY,  LOSS  OF  MEMORY,  TREMBLING  OF THE LIMBS. These     complaints     hitherto    considered    incurable,   yield at once to a dose or two of   T A Y L O R ' S   A N T I-E P I L E P T I C   Medicine. Ask   your   Druggist    to    get   it   for   you    and   do  not  be persuaded to try  any   other  Medicine,   as   one  dose of  this will   prove    its    efficacy,    or   it   can   be    sent  direct  from SANGERS,   150,   Oxford-street,   London,   W.   Price  13½d, 2s. 9d. and 4s. 6d. a bottle. Source:  The Staffordshire Sentinel Thursday 18th March 1875

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