Gillray, Comfort to the corns, 1800 

Thompson and Capper were homeopathic chemists who, as well as making their own medicines, published books and pamphlets on homeopathy. The company is still going strong today – based in Runcorn, they are a specialist manufacturer of all kinds of tablets, from medicines to kettle descalers, and there is more information about their history on their website.

Image: James Gillray, Comfort to the Corns, 1800. Courtesy of the US National Library of Medicine. 



                            THOMPSON & CAPPER’S
                     CORN AND WART REMOVER.
          By a few applications CORNS and WARTS
                   are entirely Cured and Removed.
This supplies a long-felt want, as, unlike other so-called
solvents, it is not a caustic or acid, and therefore gives no
pain whatever in application, and may be used to the most
tender skin with only the best results.
                       Sold in bottles, 1s. 1½d. post free.
55 Bold-street, 4, Lord-street, 21, Rodney-street, 64, Pem-
broke-place, Liverpool ; and 250, Grange-road, Birkenhead.


Source: The Liverpool Courier, Saturday 13th February 1897