Tricosian Powder, Huile de Cachmere, etc.

As someone with a "countenance of moderate pretensions," I can see the allure of some of these products ...           

                             TRICOSIAN POWDER.    For rendering Red or Grey Hair and Whiskers a beautiful                                    Black or Brown. THIS POWDER, which is a very curious dis- covery in Chemistry, will be found, upon trial, much superior to every preparation now offered for these purposes; it is perfectly innoxious both to the Hair and Skin; indeed it is of service to the Hair, for it promotes its growth, and in- vigorates its texture. It is so perfectly safe for the Skin or Clothes on which it happens to fall, and so infallible in its operation that the dark tint, which is produced in a few hours, cannot be obliterated by any process whatever. Price 3s. per box.             SIDKI; OR, THE TURKISH COSMETIC FLUID. This Lotion communicates to the Skin a delicate fineness of texture, and juvenile freshness, and renders a countenance of moderate pretensions irresistably attractive, protecting it from the inclemency of the atmosphere and the ravages of time. Price 2s per bottle, or twelve in a case for £1.                            HUILE DE CACHMERE, for preserving and improving the Hair, promoting its growth, preserving it from falling off or turning grey, and restoring it in those parts which have become nearly bald. Price 2s. per Bottle, signed by the Proprietor, J. SINNETT.    HUBERT'S ROSEATE POWDER FOR REMOVING                           SUPERFLUOUS HAIRS. This excellent Depilatory is perfectly safe in the application and certain in its effect. Price 3s. and 5s.                THE VENETIAN BLOOM OF YOUTH AND                                        BEAUTY.; Or Imperial Vegetable Powder for the Skin, (A peculiarly elegant preparation of the beautiful Azalœa). Communicates to the Skin the most brilliant and natural fairness, and possesses this pre-eminent excellence, that it cannot be discovered by the most scrutinising observer. Price 2. per package, Six in one 10s., or Fourteen for £1 1s. Sold Wholesale and Retail at Dr. SMITH'S, 74, Marlbo- rough-street, and Shaw's, 8, Bachelor's-walk.   Source:  Freeman's Journal and Daily Commercial Advertiser (Dublin) Tuesday 22 April 1851

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