ADvent Calendar Day 23ADvent Calendar Day 23

Ah, good old John Harvey Kellogg – everyone knows the cornflake-inventing, masturbation-disapproving, enema-giving sanitarium owner of Battle Creek, Michigan. It’s not much of a surprise that he would be promoting something called Sanitone Wafers…

But, hang on a minute, this ad says F. J. Kellogg. Who’s he when he’s at home?

 Kellogg's Sanitone Wafers

Frank Kellogg wasn’t related to his famous namesake but did realise that there could be a lot of money in happening to be called Kellogg – and even more fortuitously, he already lived in Battle Creek. For an entertaining account of Frank Kellogg’s eventful life, see Jim Middleton’s article at The Animating Apothecary.

At least this early-20thC ad solves the mystery of how Santa Claus keeps his vital energy aglow through the cold winter night.

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